Inspections and Repairs

Many buyers forget that the price isn’t the only or last negotiation point in a real estate purchase. There are a number of contingencies and processes that have to happen before closing, and one that frequently causes deals to fall out is the inspection and repair negotiation process.

Inspections in a real estate deal encompass many property aspects:

  • Structure
  • Roof
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Pests & insect infestation
  • Mold & other environmental hazards
  • Wells & water quality
  • Septic systems

While your deal may not require them all, and some may be combined and provided by a single inspector, it’s our job to help you order the proper inspections, schedule them, and make sure that they’re completed on time. Failure to complete inspections and object to their results by deadline dates can result in the buyer’s inability to take any action, but we'll ensure that late results won't be an issue.

Once an inspection is completed, there can be unexpected issues uncovered that you may want to have addressed by the seller. This is a second negotiation in the contract process. Our agents go over inspection results with our buyers and prepare documents that are required to request seller action and corrections. Sellers do not normally have an obligation to undertake corrective action, so it becomes a critical negotiation, especially if the problems are significant.

Next to selling price, inspections and subsequent repairs are the biggest killer of real estate deals so we’re here to help our buyers with these negotiations. When the seller balks at your repair or corrective action request, sometimes creativity needs to be applied to keep your home deal moving. We’re experts, as we do this every day. In addition, we hold an extensive contractor list that can yield just the right contractor to get a job done at a price the seller will agree to.

When it comes to inspections and repairs, Van Wert Real Estate Services LLC agents are involved every step of the way to help keep the ball rolling. We’ll make sure that every resource is employed to keep your home purchase on track.