Locating the Right Property for You

Have you ever worked with a real estate agent who showed you where to search for properties and then told you to call them when you find something? That’s what we like to call Level 1 service. Van Wert Real Estate Services LLC is recommended highly by our past buyer clients because we provide quality property search services.

  • Our website provides an extensive search tools throughout the site and, in addition, our agents are happy to provide advice and guidance for optimal search results and explain some of the sometimes-confusing information fields.
  • From our search page you can request more information on any listings of interest with a quick and simple form.
  • Once we know your desired property features, we'll create a customized search that will alert you with emails when new listings that meet your criteria hit the market. It will also alert you to price reductions.
  • From 9-5, Mondays through Fridays, our door is open. If you'd like to start searching for a property today and would rather do it in person, please feel free to schedule an appointment via our office phone at 813-231-3627 or email. Contact information below. 

Start now by giving us your property criteria in the form here and we’ll set up your custom search today.