Contract to Closing

Our past seller clients have commended our services and our ability to successfully close a deal. However, neither the work doesn't stop once a contract is inked. There are many more tasks and deadline deliveries on our standard transaction checklist. And, we take our responsibilities seriously in the processing of all documents and meeting of all deadlines.
The process of taking a signed purchase contract through to closing involves a great many details, deliveries and document submissions. We coordinate all of this for our sellers, making sure that all phases of the closing process move along smoothly.

  • Title – We work closely with the title company and attorneys to make sure that all documents and deliveries are processed in a timely manner. An agent will then work with you to examine all of the title and recorded documents thoroughly to assure that all material defects and items of importance are uncovered. Though this is normally of more concern to the buyer, sellers must respond to their objections, so it’s important to know what’s in all recorded documents. 
  • Inspections, Survey & Appraisal – Our work includes coordinating access for inspectors and the appraiser, and accepting reports as well as any objections or correction requirements from buyers. Rest assured, your agent will stay on top of important deadlines, make sure reports are delivered to you on time or extensions are put into place, and that you respond within required timelines.  Failure to do so could obligate you to repairs, other corrections or kill the deal, which we will try to avoid at all costs.
  • Repair Negotiations – If the buyer submitted requirements for corrective actions to items on reports, we'll work with our sellers to determine the cost of said requirements and the appropriate response necessary to keep the deal going effectively. Should you agree to make certain repairs, there will be deadlines associated with completion, and possibly requirements for the buyer’s inspector to return and re-inspect for completion and repair quality.  Your agent will keep all of this on track for you, and can recommend contractors they know do quality work at fair prices.
  • Lender Document Coordination – One of the leading causes of delayed closings is some problem with funding due to last minute requirements or other document demands by the lender. Monitoring of all document flows is ensured by us to make sure this doesn’t happen to our sellers. As the seller, you aren’t getting a mortgage, but it's advised that you be concerned with the buyer’s ability to do so, their lender’s process.  Mortgage problems kill many deals, so we’ll help protect you, our seller client, from losing a good deal.